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Creating Marketing Videos With Keys By Keyachia

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

On a sunny afternoon in Tucker, Georgia, I was booked to create an effective realtor marketing video. Always passionate when working behind the camera, I was eager to meet Keyachia Kelly. Who is a Licensed Realtor, currently working in the Georgia market.

While setting up my camera and sound equipment, I was able to get to know a little bit more about Keyachia's services and expertise.

Here's an excerpt from her FB Business Page Bio;

Head Shot For Keyachia Kelly
KeyByKeyachia is a Licensed Realtor in Georgia

"Keyachia is one of the most sought after REALTOR® in Georgia. She brings over sixteen years of experience from the commercial industry followed by excellent customer service and entrepreneurship. Keyachia is passionate about educating each buyer and seller on the real estate process. Her clients appreciate her patience, low pressure sales, attention to details ability to listen and hear what a client wants. Keyachia's negotiation, analytic skills, and ability to market a home is top notch. She continuously upgrades her education and knowledge."

Throughout the entire production, Keyachia knew exactly how she wanted her Brand to be represented. This allowed me the clarity needed to create the perfect marketing video for her needs. We Ultimately created an video that showcases her skills, experience and expertise.

"I was looking for a great, professional videographer to capture my vision of a modern Real Estate Agent introduction video. Hands down the best investment. Lance, call, emailed and sent a treatment plan. He was very easy to work with. Lance made me feel very confident during the entire process. Any changes that I needed he was very accommodating. I highly recommend Long Shots Media." Keyachia Kelly ‐ Keysbykeyachia

If you want to contact Keyachia Kelly about her services, click this link or If you are looking to enhance your Brand's strength with an effective Marketing Video, let's talk!


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