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Why I Created 'Take Pics Here' - A Photo Location Finder for Photographers

Updated: Apr 29

Longshots Media Lead Photographer Lance Long at an Event

From 2011 until today, I have been a Professional Photographer in the Atlanta Market. Capturing events, milestones, commissioned work, and personal projects along the way. Not only have I been booked to work all over the city, I have also spent the last decade as an avid cyclist.

Traveling throughout the Greater Atlanta landscape with my camera over my shoulder and the wind to my back has allowed me to gain a unique perspective of the city of Atlanta.

Product Shot for Take Pics Here Location Finder


Scouting the best locations and coordinating that info with clients has always been a challenge without the 'Take Pics Here' platform. Clients are most comfortable at locations they are most familiar with, so suggesting new locations has always been met with a bit of restraint.

Product Shot for Take Pics Here Location Finder

Now that the 'Take Pics Here' platform exists, I have been able to easily help my clients search amazing locations near their home location with the "Nearby Me" feature. Which has helped encourage them to try new out locations. Ultimately enhancing my portfolio and most importantly, the client's experience.


Photographers are now able to get valuable information about a specific location before, and during the shoots. here are some of the features that can be found on the Take Pics Here platform;

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Scenic Types

  • Maps

  • Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

  • Addresses

  • Local and User Generated Weather

  • Contact Info

  • White Balance settings

  • Common Photo Settings

  • User submitted photos ‘perspectives’

  • Reviews

  • Nearby Locations

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Product Shot for Take Pics Here Location Finder

Learn & Earn

Take Pics Here is Photo Location Finder that not only helps photographers find amazing locations, it also inspires Exploration and Learning with weekly photo challenges and tutorials!

Our Learn & Earn section incentivize photographers to get out and explore in order to earn points and move up ranks. Each Rank Level comes with Rewards and entrance into Giveaways.

Product Shot for Take Pics Here Location Finder


Overall, My hope for the Take Pics Here platform is that it helps keep the fire of Photography burning for many more years. Photography is an Art that has become essential to our life as humans. Remembering, Sharing, Memorializing and Cherishing moments is what the Art of Photography allows us to do.

So get out and Explore, See the world and Share your Perspective with 'Take Pics Here'.

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