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3 Books That Will Help Improve Your Photography

Head Shots Taken By LongShots Media
Head Shots Taken By LongShots Media

Over the years, I have found my self returning back to the same 3 books for reference. Each book offers unique insight into the realm of photography while doing a great job of presenting complex concepts into easy digestible material. Whether you are looking to improve your photography skills for business or hobby, these books will help you hone your skills and produce better images.

Family Portrait taken by Longshots Media
Family Portrait taken by Longshots Media

The Basic Book of Photography - Tom & Michelle Grimm

Created by the husband/wife team Tom and Michelle Grimm. This book features images, illustrations and graphs that allow for easy consumption of the material. With over 600 pages of information, this book has become my staple reference book over the years.

Experienced Travel Photographer Tom Ang leads readers through a detailed masterclass. Focusing on the main aspects of digital photography, Tom covers advanced photographic and editing techniques. This particular book stays in the editing studio. I constantly reference it to ensure I am able to produce professional level images.

In the Blink of an Eye - Walter Murch

Mostly a film book, You should be aware that movies are moving pictures. Understanding Film is understanding Photography. This book opened my eyes to the holistic connections film and photography have with the human eye. Walter explores the limitations of both the camera, the editor as well as the human eye and how they all work together to produce the great works of art we see today.

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