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  • Are There Refunds Available?
    Yes! Take a picture of packaging and product upon receipt. Send description of product and required images to within 14 days of purchase. We will review materials and send refund payment out within 72hrs.
  • Do you offer refunds on digital products?
    No. We do not offer refunds on digital products. please read full description of product. If you have any issues downloading the product, email us at
  • Do you offer Gift cards?
    No, we do not offer gift cards at the moment.

From The Artist

Photographer: Lance Long

 Welcome to My Shop,

     I am very passionate about my craft and I put all my knowledge and experience into each photo I take. This makes me very appreciative of every sale I make.  It truly means that someone has found benefit in my perspective,  one of the greatest feelings an artist can experience.

    Therefore, If you buy a print from me, you can be sure to receive high quality service and a high quality product.

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