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Do I really need to hire a Pro Photographer?

Photo of Lance Long photographing a Family Reunion
Photo of Lance Long photographing a Family Reunion

What makes a Photographer a Pro?

A Professional Photographer is one who is experienced and knowledgeable about cameras, poses and customer service. Pro photographers know how to approach a variety of situations. Knowing the correct techniques to use and how to use them is a staple of a pro. Even though a professional can be hired, the question is, do you really need to hire one?

Let's be honest, it's 2022 there are a multitude of devices that can take a high quality photo. From cell phones to wrist watches, a semi-quality photo is usually only a few swipes and clicks away. Most people in the world know how to take a photo with a cell phone and even how to upload and share that photo via social media.

This makes the need for a photographer confusing for some small businesses and entrepreneurs. Seeing the ease at which a photo can be taken, often makes hire a pro photographer seem senseless.

Photo taken by Lance Long of LongShots Media

Not all Images are the same

The recent influx of cell phone photographers into the industry has warped the definition of a pro photographer. Consumers of photography often can not tell the difference between an I-Phone Photograph and a DSLR Photograph when viewed on a mobile device. That is because the screen resolution on mobile phones are not large enough to display the difference between a cell phone's quality and a DSLR's quality.

However, once that same cell phone photo is viewed on a laptop monitor, you will begin the see the grain in the image from lack of pixels. Cell phone sensors are small and therefore do not house as many pixels as a pro or even consumer level camera.

Plan & Budget

Knowing the final destination of your photos will help you decide whether you need to hire a pro photographer or not. If you are only uploading to your social channels for reference and not for marketing, you can simply use the nearest camera. However, if you know your photos will end up on your website or business social channels, then you most likely need to hire a pro photographer.