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Finding The Right Photographer

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

LongShots Media Photographer at an Event in Atlanta
LongShots Media Photographer at an Event in Atlanta

The world of Photography has enjoyed a great expansion since the transition from Film to Digital photography. It seems as if there are millions of photographers with a variety of rates and services to offer. Finding the right photographer has become an arduous task for many people, when it should not be. By the end of this article, you will be able to navigate thru the maze of photographers and find the one that is perfect for you.

Professional Staff Shots by LongShots Media

Research, Research Research

Getting access to a photographer's portfolio has become exceptionally easy over the years. With the invention of Social Media Sites, Many Amateur and Professional Photographers have been able to make beautiful online portfolios for practically free. This has increased the amount of photographers to choose from. Simply typing in "Local Photographer " into any web search engine should yield plenty of results. Immediately allowing you see a photographer's quality and style without having to contact the photographer. Some Social Sites even offer comment sections where you can often get honest reviews from recent customers.

Review By Longshots Media Client
Review By Longshots Media Client

Understand Your Own Comfort Level

Many Professional Photographer's are trained to work with subjects to find the right level of comfortability. Whether this is breaking the ice with good conversation or giving out directions for you to follow. Understanding how you like to be photographed is a big step in narrowing down your search for the right photographer.

Longshots Media Photographer Lance long at a Wedding
Longshots Media Photographer Lance long at a Wedding

To find out how you like to be photographed, try having a family member or friend perform a mock photoshoot for you with your cellphone. This will start to give you an idea of what poses you are comfortable with or if you even know what pose is comfortable for you to begin with. All this information is good to have when consulting with different photographers.

Wedding Photo taken at church in Lithonia Georgia by Longshotsmedia
Wedding Photo Taken by Lance Long

Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget can save you a ton of time from consulting with photographers about frivolous topics when ultimately your budget wont match their rates in the end. It will also give you the chance to have photographer's work within your budget.

By typing "I am looking for a photographer" into to Facebook status, you will trigger many responses from a variety of photographers. Who are all looking to book you at their premium rate. This sets you up to negotiate rates and packages with each one until you find the right photographer. This headache could easily be avoided by typing this instead. "I am looking for a photographer and my budget is $$$."

With this scenario, you would find your self receiving many offers that fall within your budget. Allowing you to focus finding the quality and style that fits your need without the worry of price.

Press Conference Held at Justice Center in Atlanta Georgia By Longshots Media
Editorial Photo Taken by Lance Long

Take Advantage of Free Consults

Most Reputable Photographers will offer a 20-30 minute free consultation where they will assess your content needs, location and budget for fit. This gives you a risk free opportunity to ask any questions you have about the photographer's education, experience and work methods. Ultimately allowing you get a clear picture of what kind of photos you can expect to receive.

Beautiful Couple Shot Captured by LongShots Media
Beautiful Couple Shot Captured by Lance Long

Using these tips will give you the confidence to find the right photographer for you. We all want to be seen in the right light, and we all deserve to be captured through the timeless art of photography.

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