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Getting The Most Out Of Mini Shoots

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Our Longshots Mini - Shoot Sessions Are Back! Past clients continue to rave about their pictures as they were able to download and share the images within 48 hours, and often ask when are the mini shoot specials coming back!? Well, they are back with lots of new add-ons!

What's included?

Our Mini Shoot Sessions are 45-60 minutes long and include portraits, group shots or candid photos. Clients are able to freely download 5 Edited High Resolution Images while paying only $5 per additional downloads. Shoots of all types are possible with these sessions. As always, we have a select few locations where the deal applies.

Where can we Shoot?

For this mini shoot special, we have an expanded location list that includes;

  • Piedmont Park - Cityscape Views, Lakes, Hills & Gazebos

  • Grant Park - Scenic walking trails with Canopy Treescapes & Lakes

  • Chastain Park - Beautiful Canopy trees, Cityscape Views, Winding Walking Trails

  • Centennial Olympic Park - Amazing Cityscapes, Ferris Wheel, Fountains and Garden Vibes

  • Woodruff Park - Fountains, Winding Walkways with Street Lamps, Amazing Cityscape Views

  • Little Five Points - Urban Vibes with Graffiti and Street Art. Creative Shopping Village scenes.

Any of the above locations can be searched with our Take Pics Here Photo Location Finder. Which is a Photo Location Finder that allows users to get deep insights about a location. Giving them all the tools necessary to rock their shoots! Subscriptions are free with premium access starting at $5/month. Check it out and join the LongShots Media Group

Prepare For Shoot

In order to get the most out of our mini shoots, We encourage you to prepare as much as you can a head of time. Figuring out wardrobe and ideal shots will go along way towards ensuring you get the photos you are aiming for. Using free online services like Google or paid services like TakePicsHere to scout the location before hand gives you an insight on what the location look like.

Bring Multiple Outfits

Say you are looking to do a mini shoot in order to get some new profile shots for your social media page, why not bring an extra shirt along in order to get a couple of professional headshots as well? Our mini shoots are designed to get you the shots you need at an affordable rate.

Looking to Book a Mini Shoot? Click Here To Request a Date

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