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Top 3 Free DIY Video Creation Apps

The demand for informative and engaging video content is at an all-time high. Not only are your customers consuming hours and hours of video content a month, they are demanding new content that will continue to peak their interests. How is a start-up or small business able to keep up with this demand? Insert "DIY Video Creator Apps".

Apps that allow users to shoot, edit and distribute high quality video content are quickly becoming must haves for small business owners. With most apps being able to shoot, edit and export a video within 5-10 minutes, its a no brainer why this form of content creation has become so popular. I have listed below, the Top 3 Video Creation Apps that are free to use. Some may offer more than others, but they all can be used to create a marketing video for Free!

Top 3 Video Creator Apps

A very popular free video editing app. This app borrows many key instruments from Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects for powerful editing. You can adjust speed, trip, and crop videos, create pan and zoom effects, and enhance color with intuitive tools and presets. If you’re feeling creative, Rush also has built-in animations like overlays and titles that you can customize to your liking.

Pros: Simple to use, exports files quickly, cross-platform support.

Cons: Lacks a few key features like storyboard templates.

Best for: YouTubers looking to make creative videos on the go.

is a free video editing app from the makers of GoPro. It’s designed to speed up the editing process so that you can capture, edit, and post incredible videos on the fly. For this reason, there are fewer features than in its sister app Splice. However, unlike Splice, it’s also available for Android video editors!

Pros: Automatic editing features.

Cons: Some users may want more editing control.

Best for: Quick video edits.

is a free video editing app that allows you to make basic edits to your footage. It is designed to create a user friendly experience. Using drag and drop techniques as well as access to thousands of free stock images and graphics that can be added to your final product.

Pros: Drag and Drop Tool. User friendly

Cons: Some users may want more access to premium templates

Best for: Short and quick video edits.

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