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Upgrading Content with Seek Wise Counsel

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Based in Atlanta, Seek Wise Counsel is a black owned counseling and consulting agency. Founded to provide culturally competent mental health, counseling and life empowerment services to communities of color.

Long Shots Media Head Shot
Deon L Sanders is a Licensed Consultant in Georgia

Deon L. Sanders is a strong willed and personable consultant who is licensed by the N.B.C.C. While heading to the shoot location, I was able to get to know more about Deon and his business Seek Wise Counsel.

Founder of Seek Wise Counsel LLC

Seek Wise Counsel hosts monthly events that captivate attendees with social games and activities which opens the floor for natural and safe discussion. During these discussions, Deon is able to give valuable insight into concepts relating to relationships, grief and anger management.

Lifestyle Portrait taken by LongShots Media
Founder of Seek Wise Counsel - Deon L Sanders

While capturing Effective Head Shots were a necessary step in developing Brand Strength, It was of even more importance that I also created an effective website for Seek Wise Counsel.

Lifestyle Portrait Taken by LongShots Media
Lifestyle Portrait Taken by LongShots Media

"Lance was absolutely amazing!! Absolutely creative, attentive, professional and flexible. He is and will always be my go to person for all things marketing for my business!!" - Deon Sanders

The ability to help entrepreneurs and service providers develop an effective Brand is where my passions lives. If you are looking to enhance your brand strength with effective digital media content, let's talk!

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