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My name is Lance and I am a Professional Media Content Creator and Strategist with over 10+ years experience in Content Creation, Distribution and Digital Strategy for Businesses

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Grow Your Business With Effective Marketing Content

"Let me help you enhance your Digital Marketing Efforts with Effective Digital Content that portrays your business in a light that is enticing to your market.  Immediately giving you the tools to take control of and build your Online Presence."

- Lance Long

     Media Content Specialist

Businesses I've Helped

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Relevant Skills

Professional Content Writing. Proven ability to curate engaging articles, blogs and social media content that are relevant to today's readers

Multi - Disciplined  Photographer with over 10 years of experience covering events in the Atlanta Market. Exceptional Problem Solving and Customer Relations skills 

Dynamic Videographer with over 10 years of experience recording both scripted and live productions. Experienced in pre-production, including script writing, storyboarding, scheduling and budgeting.

Proven ability to create dynamic and effective video content thru video editing. Experienced in creating promotional, short and long form video content. Familiar with Adobe, Final Cut and Avid Systems

Professional Photography

Video Marketing Reel


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Google Ads Display Certification

Certified users will demonstrate their ability to develop effective Display strategies and campaigns that achieve specific marketing goals.

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Content Marketing Fundamentals

Certified users will demonstrate their ability to develop, distribute and optimize digital content for effective marketing campaigns. Showing an ability to conduct Market Research and Optimize Content for successful SEO Strategies. 

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Bachelor's Degree - Communications

Minor - Video Production (2007-2011)

Throughout my years at SCSU I developed a keen understanding of the communications industry. Focusing on the Radio and Television sectors, I gained valuable hands on experience in classes such as Studio Production, Video Production and Principles of Persuasion.  


SEO Optimization

Proven Ability to know what search engines are, how they index websites and how they rank them.  Understanding how keywords work and How to properly conduct keyword research. Active ability to utilize different search engine protocols, how to track and measure success, and which tools to use to do so.

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